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8 Conlay - Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Architect: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Developer: KSK Group (Damai City Sdn Bhd)


Description: The development consists of a 72-storey hotel tower and two residential towers with 62 and 57 storeys respectively above a retail podium.
The two residential towers rotate on plan to create a curvilinear aesthetic. The unique geometry of these residential towers, which will become the tallest twisted twin towers in the world, required detailed parametric optimisation to globally position the building centre of gravity directly above the centre of support.


8 Conlay is about the balance  of architecture in the built  environment and the user’s  experience and lifestyle. While the concept  of finding balance remains the  focus of this grand project,  building material and response to  climate is also prioritised. The concept and design of  the building dictates the  materials applied, to achieve the architectural statement and  also maximise constructability.  The facade is mainly made up  of large expanse of glass to provide as much view from  within. Aluminium trimmings  are added to create a crisp and modern architectural expression.  Natural materials are applied  within the landscape and public  areas to enhance the understated  elegance.


The unique geometry of these  residential towers, which will  become the tallest twisted twin  towers in the world, required  detailed parametric optimisation  to globally position the building  centre of gravity directly above  the centre of support. 8 Conlay is about the balance of architecture in the built environment and the user’s experience and lifestyle. Its unique shape draws inspiration from the Chinese character 8, which is also the development’s illustrious address. This is expressed in the interplay of convex and concave forms in the two towers, taking visual cues from the Chinese philosophy of Ying and Yang where opposite forces form a balance.


The mixed use development comprises of two residential towers, a hotel and serviced residence tower and a unique retail podium. While the concept of finding balance remains the focus of this grand project, building material and response to climate is also prioritised. The concept and design of the building dictates the materials applied, to achieve the architectural statement and also maximise constructability. The facade is mainly made up of large expanse of glass to provide as much view from within. Aluminium trimmings are added to create a crisp and modern architectural expression. Natural materials are applied within the landscape and public areas to enhance the understated elegance.


In addition, the two sky gardens, environmental deck, building orientation, balconies and pockets of open spaces are some of the spaces carefully placed to response to Malaysia’s hot and humid climate. The unique context is creating a sense of harmony between the architecture and its surroundings. The design evolves from a desire to create, inner talent, and the site’s genius loci.

Total Construction Cost: RM 2 Billion


Completion Date: 2022



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