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WEB STRUCTURES brings to every project, creative "out-of-the-box" concepts; the ability to go beyond the mundane and the average in structural engineering. A safe, buildable and economical building is the expected norm. It is the innovative thinking and structured creativity inherent in the practice that propels a Web Structures' project to outstanding excellence.


A proactive open-minded attitude, typified by immersion in the design process from inception to completion. A rigorous, exhaustive design approach which never stops questioning "how about? or What if?"

Creativity is an attitude. It is a mindset.

It is this attitude that drives the desire in one to produce something new rather than reproduce existing tried and tested ideas.



WEB STRUCTURES is a pioneer in "fusion engineering"; fusing design sensitivity with cost consciousness to develop the most cost effective structures in which the traditional separation between architectural design aesthetics and structures is erased in a seamless harmony of design intent. In the completed work, architecture and structure resonate to create a single entity; an essential symbiotic interaction, a fusion that presents itself in works of beauty.

Web Structures encourages a research culture within the practice where teams are formed around tasks, no matter how small or large, such that ideas are discussed in an open-minded manner and developed to fruition through the various steps of the design process which is a hallmark of Web Structures.

Joining forces with Ramboll

We became part of Ramboll in 2020. Globally, Ramboll is an architecture, engineering and consultancy company with more than 17,000 experts who create sustainable solutions for both private and public sectors across more than 35 countries worldwide.


As a natural part of the continued integration, and with the best of the respective work methods increasingly embedded across our disciplines, Web Structures will change its legal entity name, and trade as Ramboll Pte Ltd, starting 1 December 2022. Our team continues to provide high quality capabilities, now enhanced by being part of the broader Ramboll organisation. On 1 February 2023, the transition of Web Structures to Ramboll will be fully complete and Web Structures will be recognised as Ramboll.


WEB STRUCTURES provides consultancy services in Structural Engineering, as well as Civil, Geotechnical, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering.

The practice's geotechnical expertise includes foundations for supertall buildings in seismic locations throughout the world, complex soil conditions and geologically diverse and challenging terrain morphology in many countries.


Web Structures' specialist services include facade technology & curtain wall consultancy; possessing state-of-the-art knowledge and experience of materials and construction techniques which can be applied to special structures. This was used in the design of selected facade components at high levels of the Freedom Tower "World Trade Centre Tower 1" in New York.

Our Environmental consultancy services, offered through our wholly owned subsidiary, Web Earth, cover all aspects of sustainable design including certification, water resource management, energy modelling, carbon foot printing, complex CFD analyses and ABC Water.



WEB STRUCTURES is one of the pioneering practices in adopting a holistic view of BIM, where BIM is not viewed as an advanced drawing tool, but as a tool to compliment the design and thought process. Starting from 2005, Web Structures now uses Revit exclusively for modelling all structures from concept through to detailed design.


BIM technologies and adoption of “add on” applications now does not only lead to enhanced visual presentation of the design intents and drawings, but the same model is used for detailed structural and parametric analyses as well as quantitative material usage and carbon foot printing.


At an interdisciplinary and collaborative level, models at various Levels Of Details (LODs) are merged with those of the architects and other consultants to ensure clash detection and complete coordination.



EMPLOYING DIVERSE TALENT from the UK, Europe and Asia, Web Structures provides worldwide design consultancy at the highest end of the international spectrum.


With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai and London, the civil, structural and geotechnical consultancy group also offers specialist design services in related engineering fields.


WEB EARTH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Web Structures - established in 2011 - delivering holistic solutions for creating eco-friendly buildings and infrastructures.


The company specialises in sustainable building design, water resources and carbon management. Web Earths' unique, individual approach to each of our projects means innovative, tailor-made solutions are provided whether it be for a luxury resort hotel, residential skyscraper or a complex commercial and industrial project.

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