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BRAC University - Dhaka, BANGLADESH


Architect: WOHA

Developer: BRAC


Description: The BRAC University campus will have a 13-storey building that will feature green walls and a giant photovoltaic roof canopy.

Once complete, it will measure approximately 950,000 square feet. Its division into two distinct zones – the building and the park – splits it into public and private areas.


The public zone, named the Campus Park, will be landscaped to include a bio-retention pond – a shallow landscaped area designed to treat polluted stormwater runoff – surrounded by native plants. It will also incorporate an auditorium, a multifunctional hall and a public gallery at the building’s base to form “the heart and social nucleus for over 10,000 students and the wider community”.


The Campus Park will be sheltered by the Academia zone, BRAC University campus’ main building. This will contain the private study spaces and shield the park from Dhaka’s hot sun and heavy monsoon rains. It will be protected by the giant overhanging roof topped by photovoltaic panels that will shelter a “sky park” at the top of the building, which will host a field, swimming pool and a 200-metre-long running track. Much of the building will also be powered by the PV panels, including fans that will help keep the common spaces cool. Cooling will be enhanced by louvres and green walls equivalent to 26,000-square-metres of landscaping on its exterior.

Developed as an extension of BRAC, the largest NGO in the world, BRAC University was established in 2001 and aims to instil in its students a commitment to working towards national development and progress.

Total Construction Cost: TBC


Completion Date: 2022



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