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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce the formation of our "Future Design Studio" within Web Structures. This studio is dedicated to advanced computational design, sophisticated parametric optimisation, cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques and biomimetic learning.


Headed by Robert Bamford, one of our Associates, and with active leadership and engagement of our Directors Dr Rezai and Er Goh together with our Associates, Callum McCulloch and Giovanni Vigano', the studio will take the lead within Web Structures and Web Earth on matters related to ‘the future of design’ and its integration within our current design practices using advanced computational techniques. In addition, the studio will be actively involved in the day-to-day running of live projects to enhance Web’s industry-leading capabilities in order to deliver the next generation of smart and super-bespoke buildings.


The current studio members consist of Engineers, Architects, Sustainability and Environmental Professionals, BIMsters, Mathematicians, Software Developers and Advanced Computational Designers. Our Future Design Studio combines these multi-faceted skillsets together with inspiration from nature and cutting-edge analytics to create a design fusion of nature with technology. The future of design is truly now…

Beyond Surface - Sonobe Installation 

'Beyond Surface', a gravity-defying paper installation designed by architect Kody Kato, featuring 5,500 pieces of origami Takeo Tela.


Web Structures provided simulated reality analysis to form-find and validate this highly nonlinear installation. This advanced computational analysis and parametric study was carried out through Web Structures’ in-house Future Design Studio whose capability to geometrically optimize and analyse any form is unrivalled in Southeast Asia and beyond.


Experience 'Beyond Surface' at the GF Show Space in London /

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