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A fantastic fusion of engineering and art

Web Structures has played a major role in the successful launch of the world’s first and most comprehensive mobile-based arts hub.

The practice helped to support the development of Arts Portal and its app and is now working to promote the continuing growth of the Singapore-based international project.

The Arts Portal app at the heart of the project is a global mobile-based arts hub for iOS and Android devices.

The free hub allows visitors to browse through a virtual art space and navigate across artist portfolios, gallery pages and dealer profiles.

As well as browsing through the work of selected artists from across the globe whose work is displayed in the interactive virtual gallery, they can also access event details.

Whether searching for an artist or designer for a job or looking out for creations by great artistic talents, visitors can interact swiftly through the app in High Definition (HD) experience and make direct contact with the artists.

The development of Arts Portal continues, with galleries and museums looking to establish art spaces for artist and exhibitions featured on the app.

Since Arts Portal launched last year the arts and design platform has highlighted the work of selected artists from Indonesia, Singapore, France, China, Italy, Australia, Korea and Iran. They include the award-winning acclaimed surrealist Rosihan Dahiim.

Dr Hossein Rezai, Web Structures group director, is delighted that the practice has played its part in the creation and continued development of Arts Portal, highlighting its commitment to supporting the arts.

He says: “The Arts Portal is a fantastic, innovative project that is committed to highlighting and supporting the work of great artists from across the world and bringing it to the attention of new audiences.

“We have helped support the development of the app and we are committed to promoting the important work Arts Portal is carrying out as the world’s most comprehensive mobile-based arts hub.

“Our relationship with Arts Portal is a great example of the way engineering and the arts can come together in a truly innovative and groundbreaking way.”

​For more details about Arts Portal and to download the app visit

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