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Factory in the Forest in Penang

In January, Paramit, a US medical firm that provides engineering and manufacturing services to medical device and life science instrument companies, announced the official opening of its new 162,000 square foot facility located in Penang, Malaysia.

Web Structures worked with architects Design Unit to design Paramit’s new Penang site which addresses the unique characteristics of the Malaysian climate to create maximum energy efficiency, creating what is being called an experience of a “Factory in the Forest.” The 5 acre site is conceived as a forest that penetrates, surrounds and steps over the buildings maximizing connection with nature. The site uses canopies of trees to create shading and in-slab cooling to reduce power requirements. In addition, it incorporates gardens and waterfalls on multiple levels throughout the building to help cool the space. The site will be the region’s largest manufacturing facility for complex medical devices and life sciences instruments, realizing sophisticated systems for genetic and molecular testing, robotic surgery, cancer treatment, and will also serve its current industrial products customer base.

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