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Cutting-Edge Insights on Collaborating with Machines

Where will new computational processes take architecture and engineering in the future? That’s the question Web Structures Director Dr Hossein Rezai attempts to answer “In Conversation” with Cubes 87 Magazine.

Dr Hossein Rezai, alongside Professor Thomas Schroepfer, (Director of SUTD’s Advanced Architecture Laboratory), and Mr Tan Szue Hann (Head of Sustainability at Surbana Jurong), discuss advanced digital design processes and their take-up in Singapore. In the piece, available to read online at In Design Live, Dr Rezai talks about our relationship with tools and machines.

“Our relationship with tools has till now been one directional and instructive. We’ve told the tool what to do. That is changing with advanced computers” Further in the discussion he adds, “Some of the programmes we have are no longer tools; they’re actually working with us. And we are on the cusp of doing even more collaborative work with them”

Read some more of the discussion at InDesign Live:

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