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Web Structures at NAMIC Global Manufacturing Summit

Dr Rezai (founding Director of Web Structures and Milan Research Lab) took part in a panel discussion at the NAMIC Global Additive Manufacturing Summit in Singapore on 17 October 2018. The panel discussion followed presentations by Professor Theo Salet and Anna Cheniuntai on Industry 4.0 and Construction 3D Printing: What the Future Holds. Professor Thomas Schopfer of Singapore University of Design and Technology was also on the panel.

During the panel discussion, Dr Rezai presented his own vision for the future of construction via project work carried out by Web Structures’ in-house Future Design Studio. This showcased the capabilities of new collaborative design tools to enable highly optimised and efficient freeform geometry taking inspiration from nature with “generosity” in form and “economy” in materials, - a paradigm shift from the current rectilinear modularity.

We believe that these cutting-edge design techniques and additive manufacturing technologies, which today are only at their infancy, will redefine the possible and express themselves as a new typological expression. The future is now...

Panel discussion

Panel discussion

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