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Founders' Memorial shortlist includes Web Structures Project

Architects, both local and worldwide, have submitted their design proposals for the Founders’ Memorial, in response to the architectural design competition which was launched earlier this year. The competition attracted a total of 193 submissions, of which five have been shortlisted to proceed to the next stage of the competition. This includes an exciting proposal by DP Architects. DPA's team includes WEB STRUCTURES, RSD, DPE, WEB EARTH and other consultants who formed a strong and committed team.

The Founders’ Memorial international architectural design competition is held with the aim to seek out the best design of the upcoming landmark – one which honours Singapore’s founding generation of leaders, and celebrates the ideals and values upon which Singapore is built.

Web Founding Director Dr. Hossein Rezai said "we see the primary message from our founders as honesty and transparency, and have developed a structural scheme which is honest to the forces of nature. One that transparency reflects, with rigour and efficiency, the working of the structure in a robust and safe manner".

The five final designs submitted have been made available for public viewing and further feedback through a roving exhibition at the end of 2019. The public feedback will be provided to the Jury Panel for their consideration. The Jury Panel will evaluate all five designs and choose a winning design by January/ February 2020.

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