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Viettel HQ - Hanoi, VIETNAM


Architect: Gensler

Developer: Viettel


Description: This is an interesting design for the headquarters of Viettel in Hanoi/Vietnam. Located in Hanoi’s new commercial centre, Viettel’s one-of-a-kind HQ is the hub of Vietnam’s largest tele-communication company. This unique structure stands out from a uniform cityscape. The optimized oval geometry fosters a high-energy collaborative working environment through connecting employees via interconnected floor spaces across all eight levels. This includes a 800-seat auditorium which serves to provide a functional event space in the premises itself.


Keeping local cultural and tradition requirements in mind, the team delivered efficient design of the building massing and orientation on a fast track project programme. With employee work environment and sustainability as core design drivers, the building is designed from the inside-out. Floor plates customized to an ideal depth with its series of skylights brings natural light to all working areas and reduces the need for artificial lighting.


The facility also utilizes natural barriers to combat Hanoi’s tropical climate and fosters an ecological habitat within the city. Despite an abundance of natural light, horizontal louvers installed screen the interior from solar glare and effectively reduce solar heat gain, resulting in a smaller heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) load. The aesthetically pleasing landscape design incorporated with native plants forms the iconic green roof which also similarly reduces heat gain throughout the day. Users can also enjoy the break-out space at the landscaped terraced roof gardens on either sides of the sloping roof. Other green features include a rainwater harvesting system

Total Construction Cost: TBC


Completion Date: 2020



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